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  • Udit Kaul


Updated: Feb 10, 2022

To be in a state of emptiness where your eyes are not held biologically by its ability to see colour but instead a muck that remains in the mind corrupting ones view of the world to a grayscale. To always have a mute in your mouth even if you wanted to converse with the world. To see futility in food, clothing, shelter and all that you can think is to lay down on the ground impotently, waiting for a face of hope and sadly to many that hope doesn’t come making the view a darker shade of gray, day by day. One might think if life is experienced by all why should I be the one to suffer. This is the story of a boy who would learn about different opinions, views, religions just to have some form of company. Sadly this made him prone to be ridiculed by others even if he understood or learnt more than them. This boy grows up with a very liberal mindset as he understands through learning from his experiences that people themselves group together and form divisions, and divisions cause conflict and that people are too dumb to see it for themselves. Why waste time arguing whether left is right or right is left and not just enjoy every difference we have. Still there was a boulder in his path of peace, if he is comfortable why does the lack of people cause a twist in his heart. The reason is in the reality that one cannot call himself a master if he has never been witnessed to play. This underlying truth made him cry. What is the use of succeeding or even failing if no one is there to notice it, as the lone boy seeks new cultures and experiences to learn in his unbiased world and to be happy the seat next to him still remains empty.

About the photographer: Udit is a first year student of International Business Management. He aspires to be a real estate investor with a keen interest in music, culture. He also likes to portray deep emotions through his writing

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