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  • Sejal Mitra


Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Captioned “Beyond the veil”, this picture resonates with the rural women of the Hindu community selling differentiated goods on the sidewalks to earn their daily bread for that one hungry child in her “jholi”. Corresponding to the sun setting behind the veil of the clouds during the dusk of every evening is every compelled woman hiding her dreams and ambitions because it’s easier for her to curb her desires than see the eyes of her hunger-driven child. She sits there to offer vibrant artefacts curated like the dreams she wove in her youth, while her dreams lie buried under the heap of roles she's expected to play, she ensures her creations brighten up the lives of those who in return help her support the financial needs of the household. Just like the setting sun, that keeps the world brightened up till dusk, never once expecting anything in return, yet promising to be back next morning, come what may. There’s much more to that woman and much more beyond her veil.

About the author: Sejal is an Economics (H) student, planning to pursue law. She believes in being opinionated and forward thinking.

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