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I know you still wish that I remain in this state

And maybe not address my fate

For even if I try not to acknowledge you

I know I’d still feel you

Even in the deep recesses of my mind

I know you’ll never be kind

But I promise you’re not excused

For being the reason I won’t shine

Because even as rain falls on all of us the same

Every day you’re the source of my shame

Every day you’re the source of my shame

And nobody hears as I cry out in pain

You’re the reason my mind is a whirlpool

Of every misdeed it is indeed a cesspool

A cesspool of broken promises

Lies filled with shame and crises

I have tried, I swear, to let go of you

But in the end, you come back for you are me and I am you

The reason I cannot express in words or tears

How much I would love to love life and my fears

The reason my heart is so conflicted with living this lie

This lie that life can be beautiful so sometimes I wish to die

See I didn’t choose to feel miserable

I’m just hounded by voices in my head that my life isn’t incredible

Miserable for I cannot shake this feeling

That I’m living life like a weakling

I feel you in my bones, in every quiver of my beating heart

Just end this someday for I know not this art

This art of living life as a recluse

When all I want is to feel I’m of some use

But I have to let go of you, please leave

For I cannot continue with this pet peeve

You made me think you’re the source of my misery

Yes, but trust me, you’ll regret this sorcery

I’m a fighter baby, so even if you have my mind

Trust me, you’ll never have my heart

I’ll fight back, until I die

Cause baby I know you’re a lie

I am just a soldier

Who doesn’t know when to give up

I’m a lion, the king who always stands up

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