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  • Himani Nandal


In a piece of interesting news about the democratic coming to power in the U.S. election, Joe Biden was chosen as the country's president along with Kamala Harris as vice president, making world history through the first woman to be elected to such a high position in the U.S., and much is also anticipated from U.S.-Israel relations ahead of this whole.

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The relationship between Biden and Bibi or Benjamin Netanyahu is considered very humorous after an incident that occurred during the Obama period when Joe Biden publicly demanded that the Israeli ambassador to Washington should give a message to Bibi that they (Biden and Bibi) are still buddies. While Biden and Bibi's relationship can also be drawn, Biden is very blunt and welcoming to Bibi. Looking back on history and the work of Biden, it was analyzed that the US strategy towards the Middle East could reverse the damage done by Donald Trump in the region. Even the Palestine Authority looks forward to a lot of good stuff coming out in their favour under Biden and his administration, as the Covid-19 situation also had a significant effect on the Palestinian Authority as it was facing a fiscal crisis.

On the other hand, Trump earlier closed his US consulate general in East Jerusalem while the Palestinian Authority cut its security coordination with Israel. For this reason, the Palestinians see Biden as their ray of hope that could carry them out of this fiscal and political crisis, along with the fact that it also looks to curb the expansion of Jewish settlement on Palestinian territory. Whereas, Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris tweeted to make her statement on the Palestinian issue to provide them with immediate steps to restore their economic and humanitarian assistance along with the reopening of the US consulate in East Jerusalem and the Washington Palestine mission. The Palestinian Authority also hopes that Biden will remove the annexation from the table and will be able to restore funding to the PA and the UN Palestinian Refugee Relief Agency and restore diplomatic relations. President Trump wanted only "friends" to assist and implemented a policy of full support for the role of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He permitted the annexation of more Palestinian and Arab lands by Netanyahu. To normalize their relations with Israel, he placed pressure on Arab states. Although Trump portrayed himself as a pro-Israel US president where he shared good relations with Israeli Prime Minister, he didn’t seem to be good for Israel. After doing so much and making several statements, he couldn’t solve the very controversial and vital Israel-Palestine conflict. By not pushing too hard on the second area of contention between the two nations, Biden may seek a smoother relationship.

Historically, the prickliest thorn in US-Israel relations has been the Palestinian issue.

However, according to a press release, much is expected to be optimistic from Kamala Harris as well as from her recent comment on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, as many Muslims believe Kamala Harris is a far-left politician who is going to be a good politician. The Jewish state record of her also indicates that she could be even more hawkish than Joe Biden, as she did in the traditional pro-Israeli party during her three-year term as a senator. The plan to re-start the Israeli-Palestinian final talks cannot be justified. Biden is committed to keeping the two-state solution principle alive since it is the only way to resolve the dispute. In theory, Biden's Secretary of State should declare his readiness to accept the resumption of direct peace talks, but only if both parties accept the essential conditions of a two-state solution. Biden should promote a trust-building mechanism designed to rekindle trust in the intentions of both sides. Security cooperation needs to restore, and payments to convicted terrorists should be avoided, he says. Instead of expanding settlements, more of West Bank's territories should be transferred to Palestinian jurisdiction, he writes. Biden needs to encourage both sides to rethink their basic approaches to resolving their conflicts. These reassessments can be facilitated by the recent normalization of relations between Arab states and Israel. For the US now is the time for sowing in the Israeli-Palestinian arena; the time to reap will come later.

Cover Image: Baz Ratner / Getty Images

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