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  • Vishakha Sharma


Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Sometimes I am a little girl,

Who wishes herself the playful love, the playful memories she deserves to look back when she becomes a teenage girl.

Sometimes I am a teenage girl,

Who wishes herself a beautiful body and the confidence to accept the flaws when she becomes a woman.

Sometimes I am a friend,

Who wishes she gives all of her for the friendship she has but always keeps herself first, so she knows her value when she becomes a woman.

Sometimes I am a grown-up woman,

Who wishes herself the power to handle the criticism and the courage to become a beautiful lady.

Sometimes I am a lady,

Who wishes herself that she knows how to respect herself before deserving a man of her dreams and turning into a soulmate, a wife.

Sometimes I am a wife,

She wishes herself that she knows and respects that she has an individual life so she decides for herself before turning into a mother.

Sometimes I am a mother,

She wishes herself to be the best teacher her children could have in this world, so she knows that she is going to be a good grandmother.

Sometimes I am a grandmother,

Who wishes to complete her dreams she left behind for some reasons so that when she leaves the world she'll be known to have lived wholly.

Cover Image: Julia Caesar

About the poet: Vishakha is a second year student of LLB at Jindal Global Law School. She likes to write and express about nature, love, happiness and sorrow

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