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  • Udit Kaul


Updated: Feb 1, 2022

The elders' once said time is a living breathing thing powerful, beautiful, oftentimes cruel. It can humble the strongest army, shake mountains to its will and turn entire oceans to dust but time itself is not free from jeopardy. There are those who seek to control it, corrupt, change it, to suit their dark will. If that ever happens the universe will need a true force of God to stop it, as people grasp their religious artifacts crouching in fear for it may be the believed judgment day time continues indifferently to change. To understand time is to understand everything and nothing at the same time. To see it in my view time is an actual force that can be prayed for because it is scientific and something we can physically experience. Looking towards the scientific side, time can stand still but it is beyond the realm of understanding for it is 5th dimensional as we become omnipresent through space AND time, meaning we can mold space and time around us at will, to achieve our desired goals. This makes the 5th dimension all-encompassing, and those within it would theoretically be able to stop time however, rather than perceiving it by way of a physical constant, we perceive it through emotions and time that standstill within our memories for example falling in love for the first time is something we will never forget feeling or experiencing, and that is the same for the loss of a loved one. These are moments in time that last forever in our hearts and minds - trapped there, like the 5th dimensional, omnipresent, and everlasting transcendent that they are and always will be. We all want to fill our lives with vigor and excitement to forget ourselves, our stress, tensions, worries, and put our minds in a void of tranquility. I hope this small passage will allow you to rethink your perception of everything and allow you to enjoy every second of TIME that passes by. Live healthily and live happily.

Cover Image: Aron Visuals / Unsplash

About the author: Udit is a first-year student at the Jindal Global Business School. He believes in liberal thinking and is fond of gaining new experiences.

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